"Carol Daniels, A Beyond Shelter has been a Godsend. She took in one of my kids with multiple diagnosis and on the Autistic Spectrum. She implemented pre-teaching to help relieve his stress level and other skills to keep him on track and he has grown into a fine young man". Brianna Bain CPS Specialist IV 



"Ms. Daniels and A Beyond Shelter has been instrumental in literally saving the life of one of the kids on my case load. This kid would not participate in anything but drugs and gang activity. He had overdosed multiple times and no one wanted to get involved. He was basically labeled a "lost cause". He was going to soon age out of the system and become homeless. I then heard of Ms. Daniels and asked for a favor. She took this kid under her wing and earned his trust. She found that his IQ was the issue and he was acting out. He had not told anyone that he didn't understand and was laughed at. Ms. Daniels then made sure that he had the proper support and services, transitioned him from CPS to HCS and he is now thriving".
Bernadette Stamford CPS E5


"What  can I say in words about this lady and her caring nature. She is selfless. She has taken some of my most difficult kids and young adults and showed them how to have self esteem and truly love themselves. That is a priceless gift to give anyone. In my personal opinion, Ms. Daniels was born to do this work". 

Kenneth Wilson E5
CPS Conservatorship Supervisor