Client Support Services




The HCS Program consists of the following service components:

  • Professional Therapies, which consist of the following sub-components:
    • audiology services
    • dietary services
    • occupational therapy services
    • physical therapy services
    • behavioral support services
    • social work services
    • speech and language pathology services
    • cognitive rehabilitation therapy
  • Day-Habilitation
  • Registered nursing
  • Licensed vocational nursing
  • Specialized registered nursing
  • Specialized licensed vocational nursing
  • Residential assistance, which consists of the following sub-components:
    • foster-host home/companion care 
    • supervised living
    • supported home living 
  • respite
  • supported employment
  • employment assistance
  • adaptive aids
  • minor home modifications
  • dental treatment




TxHmL is divided into TWO Service Catagories

Service category: (CLS) Community Living Supports 

• Community support

• Day habilitation

• Employment assistance

• Supported employment

• Respite

Service category: (PTS) Professional and Technical Supports 

• Skilled nursing

• Behavioral support

• Physical and occupational therapy

• Dietary

• Speech and language pathology

• Audiology

• Minor home modifications

• Adaptive aids 

• Dental treatment

Note:  Some of the Client Support Service options are offered by both waiver programs, HCS and TxHml however; some are specific to its particular Waiver Program. 

There are services for both programs that have cost limits per year or a maximum cost limit per service. All services require proper documentation.