Meet The Staff



Carol Daniels 


Ms. Daniels has chosen the bible verse John 3:18 which states (Let us not merely love with words, but with actions and in truth) to represent her company because she believes in putting her core values of kindness and contribution to action. Commended for her diverse background and extensive knowledge, Ms. Daniels is dedicated to show the world compassion…one person at a time. 

Direct Care Manager


Natalie "NAT" Redden


Ms. Redden is known as a compassionate person who understands the importance of meeting the needs of clients, while helping them maintain a quality of life. She has impeccable people skills and perception therefore she is frequently able to problem solve on the spot. She has a reputation for being cheerful and receptive even in the worst of times. Ms. Redden has proven to be irreplaceable.

Registered Nurse


Oladimeji "Ola" Sobola

 Mr. Ola  has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. He is hard working and dedicated. He comes from the Hermann Memorial Hospital System and is dedicated to lending patients a helping hand on their journey to recovery and to assist in maintaining their independence. 

Case Manager


 Dianne Henry

Ms. Henry comes equipped with a degree in social work and many years of experience. She is relocating from California to join our team. She has the unique ability to take a bad situation, assess it and turn it around. We are ecstatic to have her on board. 

Case Manager


 Xavier Sanchez 

 It takes someone who is caring and compassionate as well as knowledgeable and professional to be a successful case manager. Mr. Sanchez has it all! Adding dependable and trustworthy to his many great qualities, he is also multi-lingual and takes pride in his culture and community.