Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the HCS and TxHmL Programs? 

The Home and Community Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living Programs (TxHmL) are MEDICAID WAIVER programs that supply essential individualized services and supports to Texans with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) or Related Condition (RC). 

What does the term "or Related Condition (RC)" mean? 

Omitting mental illness…Related Condition (RC) is any other condition that results in impairment and substantial functional limitation in at least three of the following areas of major life activity. This condition is similar to (ID) in that it must be diagnosed by a physician. 

  • self-care 
  • receptive and expressive language 
  • learning 
  • mobility 
  • self-direction 
  • capacity for independent living 

What is the difference between HCS and TxHmL programs?
(HCS) Person must live

  • Own home or family’s home
  • In a foster/companion care setting
  • Group Home setting with no more than 4 persons                

(TxHmL) Person must live
Own home or family’s home ONLY

Do I have to have Medicaid to be in the HCS or TxHmL Program? 

YES, you must have Medicaid to qualify for "Medicaid Waiver Programs" These particular Waivers allow The State of Texas to use Medicaid funds for long-term care for people with disabilities.     


Who can qualify, what does it take to be eligible?  

  • If you qualify for care in an Intermediate Care Facility with an Intellectual Disability or related conditions (ICF/ID). 
  • If you have a Determination of Intellectual Disability (DID) or related condition with an IQ of 75 or below.
  • If you are not enrolled in another waiver program. 
  • If your income and financial resources does not exceed the specified limits.
  • Must be allocated an HCS waiver slot

My child is very young, should I sign them up or is this an adult only program? 

You can qualify at any age. Don’t delay, add your child right away. Consider adding your child to as many waiver interest lists as possible when your child is first diagnosed with a disability or special health-care need. You should also think about adding your child to the lists even if they aren’t yet diagnosed but you have reason to believe that your child will have a long-term disability or special health-care need.

How do I add my child to the interest lists? 

You do not have to prove your child is eligible before adding them to the waiver interest lists. Your child will go through this process/review once they move to the top of the list. Only then is the eligibility information reviewed and used to decide if your child can enroll. Call 1-855-937-2372 for information about Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) long-term services. A trained professional will guide you to the right option.