Foster Parenting


What is HCS foster parenting, is this the same as CPS?

Adult Foster Parenting is called (Host Home Companion Care/HHCC), Acting as a Host Home Companion/HHC is when a client lives in the home of a person/family that assists with daily living skills, personal care, transportation and other activities that allow the client to live as independently as possible, in a safe and supportive environment. HCS fostering is unique in that the client is Intellectually Disabled (ID) and has received a (DID) Determination of Intellectual Disability and therefore may require specific care/special needs. These needs are individual to each client. You must be licensed by an agency to qualify to provide this care.

How do I become a LICENSED HCS foster parent with A Beyond Shelter, what are the requirements?

  • Must be 21 years of age 
  • Must have State-Issued-Valid Identification or Drivers License
  • Must show proof of renting or owning where you live
  • Must complete A Beyond Shelter foster parent application 
  • Must have a scheduled interview with A Beyond Shelter Case Manager
  • Must undergo a home inspection by A Beyond Shelter 
  • Must be able to pass criminal history background check
  • Must attend orientation, training's and meetings required by A Beyond Shelter 
  • Must sign A Beyond Shelter foster care provider agreement/placement authorization. 


Can I choose who I foster?

A Beyond Shelter does its best to match foster families with who can best meet the needs of the client. Because HCS is a Long Term Care program, you are not limited to only children, you can specify the age and gender that you feel best suits your living environment. Your home, Your choice.

Am I paid to foster and if so how much?

Funding for foster care is covered by the Home and Community Based Services (HCS) Medicaid program. You receive a monthly stipend to help cover any expenses you might incur. The actual monetary amount depends on the clients level of care/need. The clients SSI covers the room and board for the HCS placement in your home. For any further questions regarding this matter, please contact us directly. 

How long does it take to become a foster parent?

The time it takes to become a foster parent is typically (30 days). The actual placement process might take a little longer while we are searching for the perfect match between client and foster family.

Do I have to have a big house to foster?

No, not at all. Love and patience are what make a home, not how big or fancy it is. Our home inspection is for cleanliness, safety and livability. Regulatory compliance allows no more than THREE HCS clients per foster home with at least 80 sq ft (9X9 room) per HCS client with a door that closes for privacy. 

Download YOUR Foster Parent Application today!

This application is a PDF FILL-ABLE FORM IF OPENED IN ADOBE ACROBAT. After downloading, type directly onto the form then SIGN, PRINT and FAX or EMAIL as an attachment to us at ...

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If you would rather fill out manually print and follow same instructions to send

Foster-Host Home Application ENGLISH (pdf)